Wolverine & Magneto celebrate bring your child to work day.

Let’s take a look at Wolverine’s son first




Robert: The more I look at him the more I like him, Combat ability? No more! (unless it’s range). He’s good against a lot of cards his biggest weakness is the Brotherhood team is the smallest so building a deck that can really be competitive with them might be a challenge given the smaller card pool but there’s always Magneto who can make him an X-Men so he can team attack with his dad!

Darren: Daken might be a game changer he’s the most efficient assassin I’ve seen so far. He’s a very good answer to majority of the cast

Jason: Daken is interesting. You get a 4/5 2 wounder. He has tough which is meh, but the real talent is his Pheromone control ability. Put him in combat with a Jessica Jones, and now they don’t have Tough to recover. Put him in combat with a MC like Loki and they can’t use their combat ability. … very anti meta! What happens when he is combat with a Taskmaster? hmm.. What is most interesting to me is how they scale with other Brotherhood cards. Magneto makes them huge and Superior Genetics makes them even bigger. These guys are definitely future power houses for the Brotherhood team. 

Oshaun: Daken is pretty awesome. He’s a 4 drop with 3 drop stats (Psylocke) but he’s definitely offensive in his approach. I think he’ll be in a lot of aggressive decks.


Not so fast!(Hehe)

Let’s look at Magneto’s son now




Robert: He’s so good. Stealth is so good. 2 wounds and Mobile should mean he stays on the field for a while he can hit the back row and then run for cover in your own back row. If I didn’t mention it already, stealth is so good.

Darren: Quicksilver is good filler utility and effect wise. However design wise he’s uninspired and disappointing. As one of my faves was hoping for hexproof or readies after a team attack even a new ability hyper mobile.

Jason: Quicksilver is awesome as a 5/5 2 wounder that has Stealth and Mobile. I feel like he’s a solid mix of Nova and Spiral that i want to have in my deck. He’s able to attack the back row and hide. I can see why his stats are only a 5/5 as anything higher could make him severely broken and something you want to abuse. Stealth is an underrated power by too many people. 

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