Hello VS fans and welcome to our article featuring a “mystical” build that breaks the very rules of the game like Osh’ s spirit in the VS collective!! what is the magical build we at the Playset have been tinkering with?

Jason:  I’ll take it from here. Listen… facts… What’s better than 1 MC… 2 MCs. and what’s better than that? 3 MCs? and what’s better than that?!?! 4 MCs!!!

Oshaun: Yea, Jay is a jerk. Listen, this breaks the game like my heart after a LA Lakers game.
Jason: How do we magically grow MCs out of nowhere??? It’s not playing the X-men with good old wheels… Nah Charles and the gang are benched for this one. instead it uses none other than one of the most popular X-Men Villain!!! the legend herself Mystique.

I know what you are all thinking what can’t Mystique do? Take it from me she does it all like a –REDACTED

Rob: So this went a weird direction really fast. (Don’t try to write an article with two people who are at a bar). So getting back on track we want to share with the masses a cool idea that hit us the same day we saw Copycat supporting character revealed. I was like “wouldn’t it be funny to use her with Kingpin to make her a Main Character and then blink the old Main out so she gets XP for no reason?” Then we realised that we can do much better than that. What if instead we do this with Mystique!



So if we use kingpin then blink the old Main, whos now a supporting character, out and copy them using Copycat’s ability we can then bring in another heavy hitter from the transform deck! But was this even doable? So we set a trap and waited….





And Behold! We caught a wild Chad in the trap and if you didn’t already know this if you can catch a Chad in a trap he has to answer a question for you. It’s like a poor man’s version of a Genie.

So he was all like the character you bring in is another MAIN CHARACTER! and we were all like WHOA because we just assumed they would also be counted as supporting characters given the activation of Kingpin but nope you can bring in another Main!

So the nitty gritty of what is needed for this is:


1- Mystique Main Character Get her to level 3 so she has the transform ability
2- Kingpin Supporting Character using his ability to transform into your new Main character turning Mystique into a Support
3- Doorman or Singularity who can blink Mystique out so Copycat can copy her transform power when she returns
4- CopyCat Supporting Character on the field ready to go
5- At least one other Underworld Supporting Character so Kingpin can use his power
6- Once this is done Activate transform on Copycat and pull in a Main Character from the Transform deck
7- Repeat if possible

Look we didn’t want to build a deck for you because to be honest… we don’t even agree on what should be in it. However there’s some good and ban news you should know about this combo.

The good news is… Your opponent needs to KO ALL of your Main Characters to win. That includes Kinpin and any Main Characters you have turn Copycat into (if you can do this more than once do it up!) BUT the bad news is if you go to time KO any of your Main Characters even if it’s just Kingpin counts as max wounds and you will lose so beat the clock.

We hope you all enjoyed this and this helps get the creative juices flowing! Maybe combine this with the new Professor X and get even more Main characters? Point is go nuts!

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