My name is der Rote Schädel…

What’s black and white and red all over? A Nazi in uniform named Red Skull of course!

Written by Oshuan Alvarez


Today we take a look at a deck I’ve been tweaking for a while. Below, I have the most consistent build to date. The object of this deck is to investigate, and disrupt. This isn’t a straight forward deck and you will play it differently each time. There is only one mulligan condition…TURN 2 CUBE!

Side note, I’ve literally made someone want to quit the game with turn two cube.

The Monster Himself


Mental Calculations

Red Skull’s level one ability only triggers if he is face up at the start of your turn. Ideally, you would like to go second and keep him face up against turn 1 attacks. This proves to be difficult against super aggro decks, but that is when we play the long game. His ability allows you to choose out of four cards, which cards you will draw in your draw phase. Basically, you’re search for Cosmic Cubes to level him. If you already have one in your hand, then you’re searching for your second agent in command. (More on that later.)


Reshape Existence

Scoring the winning blow turn two, you look through their deck before choosing a card. Get an idea of what they what to do and how they want to do it. You would think that taking out locations would stop all decks, but sometimes you might want to take out an end game character first. *cough 7 drop Red Skull against Burt cough* This single card stops so many decks that it is borderline unfair and most people I’ve talked to believe it should be banned immediately!!  and is working as intended. (Edit by UDE)


F#@& You!language_sogeekinawesome_avengersageofultron

Now we look at level two Red Skull and boy is he huge. (Pun intended) Your goal here is to stay large and in charge for at least two more turns. Plot twists like Strength Above All Else and Shock to the System helps. He also has range, so he’ll strike back against pretty much any team attack. Don’t forget to attack! Your major concerns here are auto stuns. Net Launcher, Daze, and anything that removes locations. Of course, you know what you’re up against if you scored turn two cube. If not, you have to do some thinking. Either way, no one is stunning you alone. Your opponent now has to deal with a huge MC along with some ever sensing doom of constantly losing cards. By now, they are realizing their own doom.


Double Agent

Just as any good supreme leader of an evil organization, you must recruit your enemies to ease your road to world domination. Our most important recruit is Fitzsimmons. Not only do they allow you to equip your cubes early and bring in Fin Fang Foom (or anyone else really) early, but they also help you stack your deck. You’ve also taken some of those pesky Shield Agents and shown them that there is no stopping Hydra. Because we have the power of the Cosmic Cubes, it was easy to get Phil Coulson and Agent Carter to help us along the way. Each piece being vital in stacking your deck, and taking out pesky back row characters that need to be dealt with.

All in all, this deck is fun and a nuisance to your opponent. The best part is picking apart everything your opponent put together and watching them try to figure out if their deck has another win condition. I give this deck a 10/10.

  • The Architect

MC Red Skull


Shield Agent 4
Slingshot 4
Hydra Soldier 4
Sharon Carter 4
Fitzsimmons 4
Phil Coulson 4

Total 26

Plot Twist & Equip

Hydra Assault Rifle 4
Cosmic Cubes 4
Strength Above All Else 4
Shock 4
Darkhold 1
Serpent Crown 1

Total 18


Gehenna 4
Red 4
Yellow 4
Shield 4

Total 16

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