Un Sacerdote, un mono y Deadpool entran a un bar …

Spoiler Time!

Written by: Bryan Sanchinell


Preview Card #1

Fun Fact: The man who would become Masacre used to be a priest. He initially thought that dedicating his life to religion would help him feel fulfilled. One day, the mercenary Deadpool visited his church and confessed to him, leaving an important impression on him. The priest realized that there was no good in the world, and it instead deserved punishment. Thus becoming the Massacre.

Mercenario: Masacre Puede Atacar en equipo con cualquier personaje principal.


Letal: Si Masacre hiere a un personaje respaldante defensor, KO.



Don’t say I never did anything for you. I even gave you the google translate for the non-spanish speakers out there. You know who you are. However, if you need a translation then you are either new to the game or you are not paying attention. I forgive you. Lethal and Mercenary are keywords we have seen.


Now, I think Masacre is OK as card. He has two wounds and that makes him redeemable. If Guardians needed a lethal 4 drop I would put him in that deck but really WHY WOULD YOU when you got the best 4 drop in the game. Among my playing group he is called Shatterax (Starhawk). That reference was for the old VS heads out there. I like that he has range so again that makes him redeemable. Two redeemables = an OK card.


I LOVE that he is in Spanish. I know it is a random thought but I wonder if this game has a Spanish player base and if they do would this card be in English for them. Seems fair. LOL. Anyways. That is it for this preview. What are your thoughts? Is he more than OK? Or am I giving him to much credit? Let me know.

Preview Card #2

Fun Fact: Due to both his skill as a hit-man leaving few witnesses and the fact that he is a macaque, his existence sounds too ridiculous to be true. This works to Hit-Monkey’s advantage since few are willing to believe that a monkey is a credible threat.

Creatures just got a boost with this card. You read that right. Creatures get +2/+2 with him on the board. Leviathan Mother is smiling somewhere right now. I don’t think I can tell if she is smiling or not. Add to the fact that Hit-Monkey can attack with any MC due to Mercenary and now we are talking about a pretty good card. If a creature-only deck existed this would be an auto-include/staple. Plus he has a 3 defense with range, that is just icing on the cake. Your thoughts? What creatures decks would you make? Thank you UD for allowing me to preview my first card. Leave a comment and share these preview. Till NEXT TIME. Hasta Manana.

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