Leviathon Have Landed!

Hello folks, today at the Playset we got some pretty, pretty, pretty, cool spoilers for you! Wehave two 5 cost supporting characters from the big baddies in the Monsters Unleashed Vs 2PCGexpansion set, the Leviathons! Before we show you the mighty Leviathon spoilers below just a quickrecap of our rating system for any newcomers!
Play It” – At first glance, this card looks very appealing to us and believe it will find a spot somewhere
Set It” – At first glance, this card is the bee’s knees and there’s a good chance it will see
tournament play and probably wish you could play 10 of this card
Shelve It” – At first glance, this card is very niche and may require additional analysis beforeyou play it

Leviathon Shambler:

Robert: Hello everyone! Hope you are enjoying Leviathons as much as I am. Especially the two cards we are showing today. I actually love this guy mixed with the loyalty plot “The Queen Demands Tribute!” let him attack when the time is right and take away their ability to stun him back or let him play defense if possible since lumbering won’t be a draw back then. Also with 2 health (As everyone with lumbering on his team has so far) he is above much of his team with that.

Rating: PLAY IT 7/6 on 5…
Darren: Leviathon Shambler is a formidable body with 7 ATK 6 DEF, Ferocious, and 2 health, at 5 cost. Lumbering may be the downfall of the Shambler unless you can set it up. Being the Shambler is a sizable threat for your opponent, he is very playable in a mono Leviathon build, and can be used as needed.

I rate this “PLAY IT
Jason: Personally I love the Leviathons team thus far and both of our spoilers I am quite happy with. Leviathon Shambler represents what I have come to expect from the Leviathons (I actually named the image “Fatty Leviathon”). At 5 recruit cost he comes with the stat line of 6 and 7 drops with 7 attack and 6 defense, Ferocious and 2 wounds so he has some good staying power and is a devastating melee combatant. Let’s just call it how it is, you want this guy out on the field being a terror for your opponent. To balance out the sheer awesomeness that is the Shambler, he was given Lumbering. Lumbering is an interesting mechanic to me, as it makes your opponent choose who the Shambler attacks. I don’t see this necessarily being as big a detriment as some others may, it is restricted to legal targets. Your opponent will have to really put all their characters out in the open for them to abuse Lumbering, but then I can utilize the other Leviathons I have first and save the lumbering guy for the fights that count. Although, it does make team attacks problematic since Lumbering will allow your opponent to choose the target of your team attack for both characters, even if one does not have Lumbering. I think the
biggest detriment is that this guy is one of a kind, there’s no reason not to throw this guy into your Leviathon deck, and heck there’s probably some good ramp decks that would love this monster.

I rate this card as PLAY IT.

Ryan: Leviathan Shambler continues the trend of having outstanding stats for their cost, and has the added bonus of having two health. However, Lumbering is a keyword ability that I hate. I’m a control oriented player and I really dislike game mechanics that give control over certain outcomes to my opponent. Ferocious just doesn’t seem good enough to warrant the drawback of Lumbering.

Rating: Shelve it. However, I think it’s worth noting that this guy does have a place in the right deck. Playing him after you have board control is a win-win.



Spiked Leviathon:

Robert: Is anyone not in love with Comet Fall? How about when you also add the ability to mess up any deck that wants to use its KO Pile? As a 6/6  5 drop this One of a Kind Creature is going to be making an impact when he hits the field.

Rating: PLAY IT why wouldn’t you?

Darren: Spiked Leviathon has above average stats for a 5 cost character at 6 ATK 6 DEF. Comet fall is an exceptional keyword power added onto an above average body. Graveyard purge is a welcome addition to the game, as it was underrepresented thus far. This is an “S” Tier 5 drop, with tremendous value and you can tech it into every deck.

Spiked Leviathon is definitely a SET IT.

Jason: Spiked Leviathon I wish there were 4 of you. Leviathons are beasts in their own right being overstated for their drops, and Spiked is no exception to that. At a 6 ATK 6 DEF 5 drop, he’s able to compete with 6 drop characters. Although the big bodies are nice, I’ve been really impressed with the amount of utility these Comet Fall Leviathons provide. Comet fall itself is an ability I would want… come in make all my opponents’ characters smaller. I want to win trades Comet Fall helps me win. If you didn’t put any other keyword or powers on Spiked after Comet Fall I would have still played him. Now add in the impact abilities, which we’ve seen a whole mess of them with difference flavors. Spiked comes with Disintegrating Impact, which destroy a KO pile. This is something a lot of us have been waiting for especially since it comes out a turn before Valkyrie – I can’t wait to remove Iceman and Black widow filled KO piles it will be joyous. I expect Spiked Leviathon to make its way into a lot of competitive decks.

I rate this as SET IT.

Ryan: Siked Leviathan has my favorite new appear ability, Comet Fall, which we have seen on several Leviathans now, so just by that alone I want to play him. Removing an enemy player’s KO pile from the game is somewhat of a niche ability, but given that you only run one in a deck, it’s a no harm card to splash in almost any deck. It’s great against Thanos, Phoenix, and anyone running the Widowpeg combo. However, given that his stats are not overwhelming and he only has one health, I’m not over the top about this one.

Rating: Play it. Despite the drawbacks, comet fall alone is worth playing this guy.

We hope you enjoyed our spoilers and the spoiler season at The Playset! Any of you that are making your way to GenCon, we’ll see you there. Quick shout out to Chad for being able to answer our questions regarding the card rulings! Also thank you to Mark and the UDE team for allowing us to participate in the spoiler season.



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