Let the spoilers Emerge!

Welcome to another spoiler session!

SHELVE IT: We need to see more cards to support this card’s playstyle before it finds its way into competitive play

PLAY IT: This card is good, and at least one should be played in your deck

SET IT: This card is so good, you’ll probably want to run the playset. Grab all four and play them all!


Jason: Iso represents everything great about Terrigenesis. As a 5 drop character she may appear to be a little on the “weaker” side with a 4/7 stats line (although it’s debatable if a 4/7 @ 5 is weak) but Terrigenesis allows her to go above and beyond the standard 5 drop stats line. Iso has the potential to be a strong character, at 7. More important than her stats line is her super power, and what a surprising super power at that! For 1 Red she can clear an opponent’s field except for 3 characters, their MC and 2 of their SCs. For me this is exciting because I feel red doesn’t have much mass stun/KO characters this power is something normally equipped to blue. Now any red user can welcome Iso to their team just in case some things gets a little out of hand and are great for combating “swarm type” decks like Captain Marvel and Spider-man.

Rating: In my opinion Iso is a PLAY IT card and will find a spot in a few decks.


Ryan: Iso is an interesting card. In the right deck, it seems like it could be debilitating, but it’s a little difficult to see what that deck is at this point. At the Milwaukee tournament last year the winning Captain Marvel list often capitalized on flooding the board with small guys that mitigated the effectiveness of the larger guys an opposing Dark Phoenix may be ramping into. Perhaps a character like Iso could prevent decks that rely on little guys and provide room for the big boys to play. Still, the red location type can typically play a little awkwardly in some decks. I think in the right control style deck Iso may be a solid option.

Rating: Play It



  • Terrigenesis makes her huge 6/9 on 5
  • Effect is essentially a pseudo balance from MTG.
  • Anti Swarm
  • Breaks board stalls.
  • Narrow removal is still removal

Rating: Set it


Rafael: Iso is about to put enough pressure on the metagame to make you lightheaded. As 5 cost character that is an impressive 4/7 and Terrigenesis(The Inhuman keyword mechanic) that allows her to be an oversized 6/9. Iso is also one of the few board clearing effects in the game. The only other being present on Warrant Officer Ripley’s Lvl 2. There are some downsides, namely if your opponent has too few characters in play Iso can’t do anything. Additionally, your opponent is the one who decides which characters they get to keep which can decide the outcome of the game. Major upsides include the timing of this ability and the fact that the ability KOs instead of stuns. Since this ability is during the Main Step(WO Ripley’s is at the end of turn, for comparison) it allows you open up your attacks for the turn with ability such that your overwhelming forces can clear the board. Expect this card to premier in any of the games “Voltron” strategies. These decks often run very character light and Iso gives them a stellar way to get back into the race is things go poorly. Iso may be featured in any of the control strategies that are being heavily supported in the Monsters Unleashed expansion.

Rating: Iso is about to provide so much pressure that your opponents would wish they had… Set it.

Next up we have!


Jason: Terrigenesis is a very interesting game mechanic – while giving some +1/+1 counters is not necessarily unique, having every character built in with this appear effect is. I have to say I rather enjoy it. As a team flavor it is absolutely amazing, it really makes me feel like the Inhumans are full of hidden power that needs to be unlocked. I especially like that most of the characters that are equipped with it end up having really strong super powers that I will probably want to use right away, but don’t necessarily care about being aggressive. Alternatively, the exhaust cost is a bit harsh given that I can’t use my character with their new found power, right when I need them. All in all, I feel that Terrigenesis true strengths are going to come from the pilot. The person who is the pilot needs to be tactical and know when they want to utilize Terrigenesis versus when they just want to drop the character and start swinging. Emerge from the Cocoon provides the perfect flavor for that team sporting Terrigenesis by providing well another Terrigenesis minus the drawback of an exhaust! I think this plot twist is good for the team and the flavor the team provides. I think it is a well-designed plot twist because of that. I just can’t shake the fact that I can’t use it on my MC. It isn’t the first Plot twist that has disappointed me for being unable to combo with your MC like, Play Dead. With that said, I would love to see Emerge from the Cocoon and Terrigenesis work out for a deck that is able to regularly play and/or keep bringing Singularity back into play to maximize the effective appears (like I don’t know Doorman/Valkyrie). I would love to see how big a character can get when I bring it into play using Terrigenesis, play Emerge from the Cocoon and then also use Doorman to get them to come into play, ready to wreck stuff. Also bonus Singularity allows you to play Emerge from the Cocoon with your MC! (Yay!)

Rating: In my opinion Emerge from the Cocoon is a “Play It” card, because it provides the benefit of Terrigenesis keyword without any of its drawbacks!


Ryan: Emerge from the Cocoon is a plot twist that just seems to blend perfectly with the terrigenesis keyword that is popping up in the Inhumans team. It’s great flavor. It seems obvious that this plot twist is begging to played with Enchantress. However, it’s worth noting that anti-counter play seems to be abundant, and there are many, many answers available for it. I’ve never felt that adding counters to characters gave me a significant advantage, but on the other hand spending a card to give a guy a more favorable trade or a touch of survivability just screams card advantage. I think I’ll have to have this one in hand to see how it stacks up.

Rating: For now, I’m going to say Play It



  • Shines with terrigenesis for +4/+4
  • Limited to being an on curve plot twist
  • Very narrow

Rating: Set it


Rafael: Emerge from the Cocoon is the Inhumans plot twist and it is very reminiscent of their factions keyword Terrigenesis. The card is somewhat limited in scope since it can only be played during the main step and also can’t affect your main character in any way. Some interesting applications include decks built using Enchantress Main Character and decks involving Singularity Supporting Character.

Rating: Unless something interesting emerges from the cocoon you’ll probably wanna… Shelve it.


We hope you enjoyed taking a look at these cards from us today and remember keep track of all the spoiled cards in the upcoming Monsters sets here!

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