The Plunderer’s Spoils!

Welcome to the first spoiler presented by The Playset.

We’ve got something spicy to show you, but first we need to introduce you to our system we’ll be using to evaluate these cards:

Each of our team members (Darren M. Hurst, Jason Scardino, Robert Bigio, Ryan Millhollin) will give some impressions of each card and finish it off with stamping each card with one of the following ratings:

SHELVE IT: We need to see more cards to support this card’s playstyle before it finds its way into competitive play

PLAY IT: This card is good, and at least one should be played in your deck

SET IT: This card is so good, you’ll probably want to run the playset. Grab all four and play them all!

Okay, onto the spoiler. Pildor!!!



  • Legit card advantage
  • Good for both Doctor Strange and Baron Mordo Main Characters
  • High attack for a 4 drop
  • Good ranged attacker

Rating: PLAY IT, especially with Doctor Strange or Baron Mordo, SET IT with Kid Kaiju Main Character

Jason: At first glance, I had to double take on Pildor. To me he seems very powerful. The ability to make your enemy discard a card, and also draw a card is just straight card advantage. His ability is almost perfect flavor for his character which is a space pirate. On top of everything he is an aggressive ranged character with 6 attack. He is going to synergize with characters like Mordo, Black Cat, and honestly can be a good drop for any yellow user at 4. I can’t wait to start testing with this bad boy.

Rating: PLAY IT

Ryan: Pildor is an exciting card! The combination of being able to draw and make your opponent discard for one yellow is really good. It’s a little bit better than some of the other draw power we’ve seen in this game like MU-TH-ER 6000 and Doctor Strange’s Supreme Knowledge because it nets you a little bit more card advantage for the cost. I have a little bit of sadness at his stat line, only because I want to use Pildor’s “The Plunderer” over and over again, and his 3 defense makes me think he won’t stick around long. Still, he packs a punch!

Rating: PLAY IT

Robert: Pildor took me some proxy play testing to really appreciate. At first I was sure his 3 defense was going to keep him down. However when he’s behind someone who can protect him a 6 attack range on 4 is great and the ability to make your opponent discard a card AND then you draw a card is great for the cost of flipping a yellow. In a Black Cat, Mordo, or Dr. Strange deck I think Pildor is must!

Rating: PLAY IT

Hope you guys enjoyed this spoiler!

And don’t forget to activate his ability to draw more cards!

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