Do You Like Insect Swarms & Spoilers?



We are not finished yet! It pays to read the articles. Also we love riddles so don’t spoil the fun yet for everyone else! To finish out our spoilers, take a look at Scragg:


Let’s see what the team thinks:


  • Solid stats
  • Flight, range, and dodge
  • Both an offensive and defensive threat
  • Shuts off range, provides back row dominance
  • Wants to sit behind a character with monstrous
  • Part for Kid Kaiju main character

Rating: SHELVE IT – May be good if dodge becomes a major player in the meta


Jason: Scragg is also pretty good for his drop. 4/4 Flight Range on turn 3, makes him comparable to the stats of Starhawk and the fact he has Dodge means if you put him in the back row he needs to be attacked by a melee hero, but the most interesting part of Scragg is his power. He can essentially shut off both Ranged & Dodge on all enemies. This character will be a really good three drop, as long as you can afford the pay for the ability with an Earth. Much like Pildor I can’t wait to start testing with this guy as a 3 drop in my arsenal. I also like Scragg as the three drop in an Elsa Bloodstone deck, because it gives the ability for her to attack dodge characters and ranged characters without worrying about a stun back. Combine all that with Hi-Vo for some real ranged damage. I vote Scragg as a “PLAY IT” – especially if we can get some other good synergy cards for the MU team.

Rating: PLAY IT, granted you are running Kid Kaiju or need an on team 3 drop attacker for an MU character.


Ryan: The ability to get rid of range on a character could be pretty powerful. My first inclination was to think this could be a decent tech card if Captain Marvel gains some extra pieces in the new set, but after thinking about it a bit I think this card goes even deeper by getting rid of the opponent’s dodge keyword. Dodge doesn’t immediately seem super useful until we take a look at Iron Fist. With Luke Cage main character popping back up into the meta at Origins, Iron Fist is sure to see some play for a while. And while most people use Iron Fist as an attacker to clear out something big, he’s also great as an annoying defender. If you stick him into the front row and hide behind him, it’s scary to know that anything you attack him with could be punched back into Oblivion, no matter how big your stuff is (sorry Adam Warlock). No worries here though, Scragg can handle it. After taking away his dodge, he’ll have just enough attack to take him out from range without worrying about being struck back.

Rating: SHELVE IT, BUT keep an eye on the meta with this one. We still have a lot of cards not seen yet, and there could be some crazy dodge shenanigans coming forward.


Robert: Scragg on paper seems great. 4/4 with flight, range, and doge PLUS the ability to strip your opponent of range and dodge seems great. He’s also one of the pieces for Smasher giving Dodge to Kid Kaiju. If he suffers from anything its that he is a 3 drop (and that space is becoming very competitive with the likes of Jessica Jones, and Gamora rising in the meta) and his only one health. Monsters is getting a lot of range between Hi-Vo, Pildor, and Elsa so with a few more cards he might become very good.

Rating: SET IT, In a Kid Kaiju deck he’s obviously a 4 of otherwise PLAY IT, he can create some interesting interactions unless you NEED a Jessica Jones or someone else on 3 he is absolutely worth trying out. Also fun side note did some of you see our beloved judge Chad’s post about Fin Fang Foom getting range but not being able to range attack a row with a character who has dodge in it? Scragg to the rescue when Fin Fang Foom finds a pulse rifle or Meets up with Mister Sinister maybe?


Hope you enjoyed these spoilers! Don’t forget to check out the Image Database so you can keep track of all the spoiled cards so far here!


Also our friends at “Team Attack” have their own spoilers so make sure to check those out as well. What a time to be alive!

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