Thinking Negative About Fin Fang Foom!


Since the first time I saw the Main Character Storm I had wanted to build a negative counter deck. The idea of out of combat stuns from dropping your opponent’s defense to zero or below just made me happy. Sure we all popped a Cosmo or two from Thor’s ability and maybe you loved to use Goblin Queen with Femme Fatality but to really keep pressure on with negative counters is a pipe dream at best or at least it might have been.

Fin Fang Foom! Everyone has been excited about the new supporting character since he was first shown and rightfully so. His stats are huge and he attacks ROWS not characters! However seeing his Main Character version has brought back the idea of a negative counter deck for me. If you haven’t seen him yet I recommend reading Robert Smallwood’s article discussing him liked here. If you just need a quick refresher you can see the cards below.



So his first ability giving a negative counter to each character in the front row, also helping him level is what triggered this idea. There are plenty of Supporting Characters that can help aid this strategy and hopefully more we have yet to see coming. His ability to heal can give you an edge against other characters looking to go the distance with superior wounds and with the theme of negative counters helping to do out of combat stuns you do not need to worry about Fin Fang Foom needing to stay in hibernation. So with this in mind I give you a starting off point to try my idea.

Main Character: Fin Fang Foom

Supporting Characters: 31

4 – Black Widow
3 – Wasp
4 – Agent Peggy Carter
3 – Green Goblin
3 – Singularity
3 – Storm
3 – Viper
4 – Valkyrie
2 – Thor
2 – Nightmare

Plot Twists: 4

4 – Shock to the System

Locations: 25

4 – Fortress
4 – Academy
4 – Laboratory
2 – Avengers Mansion
2 – Madripoor
2 – School For Gifted Youngsters
3 – Sanctum Sanctorum
4 – (Monsters Wild Location)


So this deck obviously needs some tuning and it’s attempting to take advantage of the combo using Black Widow, Peggy Carter, and Valkyrie for the potential to help level early using Widows and then for the late game using her to stun the board. Singularity is there to help with the appears characters such as Wasp, Widow, and Green Goblin dishing out more negative counters to again help you level. Lastly Viper and Nightmare are in here to help with the other characters. Viper can give out counters herself BUT her ability to double them is what we also love she can give Fin four XP (or more) in just one turn. Nightmare will help keep the counters on making your opponent’s characters stun immediately after recovering.

Don’t forget to check out our image database for spoilers to see what else might work great in this deck found here!

Like this deck? Hate it? Know how to make it better? Try it out and let us know!

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