Not Finished Yet, With Venom!

Since we first saw the loyalty plot twist “Not Finished Yet” I was very excited. My first impression was that this card is amazing. Essentially acting as an alternate win condition, draw this card at the right time and a character with 7 wounds can die much quicker when you recover your opponents Main Character just to stun it again (and again if you got the cards and the punching power).

The loyalty factor limits some of what we can do with decks built with Not Finished yet and the Main Character that seems to fit best with the beat down mentality on the Underworld team would be Venom. With that in mind the Deck that I put together can be seen below.

Main Character: Venom


Supporting Characters: 31

3 – Carnage
3 – Helmut Zemo
4 – Leader
3 – Electro
3 – Hellstorm
3 – Mister Hyde
4 – Venom
2 – Bullseye
2 – Purple Man
2 – Baron Mordo
2 – Blackheart

Plot Twists: 14

4 – Not Finished Yet
4 – Loyal Soldiers
2 – Shock to the System
4 – Fair and Balanced

Locations: 15

3 – Fortress
4 – Academy
4 – Laboratory
4 – Fisk Tower


So one issue with going loyalty for Venom is we can not use Call to help level him. So between Venom pumps, Fair and Balanced, Loyal Soldiers, and Venom’s own ability the hope is you have enough ways to give him counters every game to level quickly.

We have a lot of range attackers in this deck, only our 4 drop does not include an option for range but Mister Hyde has big potential in the front row that can help do some damage. Ideally we would want a bigger Carnage, Venom, and Mister Hyde in the front with the rest of the team behind them making use of their range to add wounds to the opponents Main Characters when we use Not Finished Yet and hopefully avoiding getting stunned back. However if a stun back must happen then we have Leader to help with that.

Helmut Zemo, Leader, and Purple Man all use Academy and for various reasons in this deck. Discard with Zemo, Draw with Leader, and give me that character! with Purple Man can all be more or less useful depending on the match up so use the Academy wisely since we have no way to get them back once used.

What do you think about this build? How would you make a loyal deck better utilizing Not Finished Yet? Let us know below!

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